History of the Cossack Regatta

You can not enter into the same river twice.
And the river flows, and time flows, people change, laws change. Only the intertwining of the history of our country and the great Dnieper River remains unchanged. The destinies of people often determine externally random events, which in due course do not at all seem so. This is possible only on the banks of the Dnieper, in this is its alluring and inexplicable magic.
So, on the wave of perestroika and the revival of the national memory of Ukrainians in the summer of 1990 in the Alekseevsky Gulf of the Dnieper near the village of Kapulovka the first Cossack Regatta of the memory of Ivan Sirko finished. On the beach, in honor of the yachts entering the bay, a cannon salute was heard, which yachtsmen greeted the participants of the All-Ukrainian celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Cossacks. And yachtsmen, of course, joined the celebration, combining these two events into one.
Then the regatta had only two stages and fifteen yachts of participants. But a year later the route was extended to the Bosphorus, and the race was the longest route regatta in the vast USSR.
1991г. Number of the magazine “Boats and Yachts”: 149
Regatta of the memory of Zaporizhzhya Sich’s ataman, Ivan Sirko, 1990
After the coup of 1991, which coincided with the time of the Cossack regatta, many yachtsmen were offered to stay in Turkey. However, all Returned, confirming that the history of our people and the history of the Dnieper are inseparable. Further, the regatta was held for many years, and each year was characterized by something new, interesting.
The regatta was on the pages of many publications, as well as in Encyclopedia of modern Ukraine. Several documentaries were filmed.
The Law of Ukraine №1092/2001 recognized the need for a regatta every year.
The break in the regatta, which lasted for the last few years, is finally over and on July 5 the water area near the Festival Wharf in the Dnieper will again be covered with white sails, which, like wings, will carry modern Cossacks to the places of the glory of their ancestors. However, the regatta, which returns, will be on a new qualitative level, thanks to the efforts of the organizers of the Ukrainian Association of Classics Yachts (UACY) and the SO “Life on the Water”.
Now the terms of the regatta and cooperation with other regions will allow yachtsmen to participate additionally in four regattas, as well as in the Championship of Ukraine.
Cossack regatta of memory of Ivan Sirko – «My house is Ukraine»
The modern format and a new concept, the application of modern technologies and the cultural and sports events planned along the entire itinerary, as well as an ecological forum dedicated to the problems of the Dnipro Basin, will create an event of national significance on the platform of the regatta, in which everyone will find his own.
Let us wish the participants wind in the sails, and the spectators and fans of a good holiday.
Organizers of the Cossack Regatta of the memory of Ivan Sirko – Ukrainian Association of Classical Yachts (UACY) and GO “Life on the Water”.

Yachts to participate in the “Cossack Regatta the memory of Ivan Sirko” must be registered in the Organizing Committee: Ukraine, Dnipro, 49044, ul. Sichevy Streltsov 3-a, by phone:+380675643080; +380664516799; +380633689219; E-mail: info.uacy#gmail.com